Beautiful Secret

Chinese title: 美丽的秘密 / English title: Beautiful Secret / Year: 2015

Twenty years ago, singer Wang Xuan (Li Ying) had a baby out of wedlock and spent all of her money trying to treat her daughter’s illness. But ultimately, Xuan was forced to give up her daughter for adoption and to hide her secret from the world. When Xuan later tries to search for her daughter to no avail, she focuses all of her love on her stepdaughter, Xu Ruo Lin (Xianzi). Meanwhile, Jiang Mei Li (Victoria Song) is adopted by a family and 20 years later, she accompanies her sister to a singing competition where Ruo Lin is competing to win back her ex-boyfriend, Guan Yi (Peter Ho), who is a producer. But Mei Li ends up winning the competition instead and becomes an overnight sensation. Will Mei Li’s stardom help her move closer to the secrets of her past? “Beautiful Secret” is a 2015 Chinese drama series.

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1 - victoria looks different here. Maybe because the last time I saw her in any drama or variety show was 2-3 years ago... 2 - Saw the trailer for this... Don't know whether to say I have been spoiled or not... Especially in regards to how I should view the second female lead... *Sigh* Guess I would have to be very very open-minded on this and always second guess her actions and character... Other than that - it is nice to see another Chinese drama I can get deeply immerse in! 3 - Agree. I think they showed too much on the trailer so now I got the idea who will turn out to be evil.... I hope they did not commit the mistake of the movie "warm bodies." I really hope that that there is more story behind the very informative and give away trailer 4 - ou this drama looks intresting



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