Blow Breeze EP 10

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 10 Eng sub

1 – I gave it another chance…. omg… the sub plots are soooooo… Look, I know they need to build a story and have some kind of connection to the main plot, but it’s ridiculous. Not everything has to connect to everything. Why is every women in this story deplorable? The writer in this story must of had some bad relation with a money hungry woman in their lives to depict every female role as such. Not one likeable female in the bunch, only the lead female doesn’t seem like a total waste of human space. Ugh, enough already… to think this took the place of AoY makes me sick. What a waste of a weekend spot.

2 – Same here, I like the main plot, would have been totally fine if it was all about those two. Couldnt give two hoots about the others though. Drunk blank faced lady, the dude with the fake beard, the annoying old rich lady, all can go.

3 – Wow, I don’t understanding sir, I can’t believe you wrote this without giving this kd a chance idk if you speak Korean or not unless you can read lips the drama is very good This is what I don’t understand…..
The shitty kd gets sprayed with perfume
The good aurora kd gets sprayed with shit…………… It’s either ……
a) The viewers are brain damaged, don’t like a good story (chain reaction all are connected it takes sometimes but karma is a bitch) most viewers like chaos (stupid misunderstanding blown out of proportions) sadistic ppl who enjoy watching the weak, the powerless suffer
b) Kculture KD Kppl Is there a network of …. bad kd make it work! bad actor/actress make it work! bad chemistry make it work! mismatch make it work! Kaward for the bad shit cuz “we are” the RICH EXECUTIVES make it work! Please, give it a chance I’ll be the first one to criticize once I see a kd shit that’s why I got deleted comments and banned from dramafever and viki these sites MODERATORS let other viewers /fans disrespecting me and blocked all my comments and username (don’t have multiple username) Again, give it a chance, I don’t get paid to like a kd or don’t like a kd I guess freedom of speech doesn’t mean anything to them.

4 – Jang Go is such an idiot how can he not know that Mi Poong doesn’t like him, like dude she’s liked you since you where little kids uhhhhhhhh…. and man too much old people screen time, more main couple, less senior citizens! And LOL @ Mi Jung smell that money gurl!!!

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