Blow Breeze EP 11

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 11 eng sub

1 – This story is really nice, It’s funny and cute, makes me laugh at times. Next ep. Pls. Thanks!

2 – Is the world so small that everyone is connected by fate? If fate was the only way that people can live, where is the spontaneous spark of life? I believe in the idea that we make our own fate, but this drama has encircled all the casts lives among each other like a web within a web. Why do they do this? There is no real benefit in such a mongrel of a script. Are they lacking so much in the main topic that they need to bleed out all the story with this incest-rial need to mix and match everyone with everyone? Not everyone needs to eat out of the same bowl of soup to say the soup was good, all you get is everyone’s spit.

3 – tik tak tik tak waiting for the sub huhuhu PLEASE! why they cant report her any reason why you cant? is the money that they brought in while crossing the border is illegal? i hope the writer is more generous of how the things work since people from the north want to cross the south it is more relevant to the story of how things were really are educating us is not bad at all not just how they suffer but what they went through while crossing the border and the process of crossing the border will highlighted instead of just skipping it after all their story is between the north and the south i watch so many story like this but none of them really telling us the truth is always skipping the realm of it,hoping what are the process were while staking their life!

4 – agreeeeeed. But I don’t mind as its max 2 days wait. THANKS SUBBERS

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