Blow Breeze EP 15

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 15 Eng sub

1 – I am so disappointed every weekend that this drama is not subbed! I really love Jang Go and Mi Poong

2 – damn so upset this drama does not get sujb right away as it is slo much better than the other weekend ones

3 – main couple is a total snore fest, lucky have muchachino to keep me awake, missing Oh Ji Eun heaps, she played a better backstabbing bitch!

4 – D I have gotten over my upset with Moon Lovers and now watching Blow breeze……. They finally got my full attention. I am calm and relax without being agitated by ML….. Pls continue subbing….

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Blow Breeze EP 15 KDrama Blow Breeze EP 15 Korean drama