Blow Breeze EP 16

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 16 Eng sub

1 – Whenever i see Mi Poong holding back her feelings for Jang go my heart really goes out to her. I really get mad at his mother and sis in law for being so materialistic and looking down on poor Mi Poong and her mother. I hope they get to reunite with their rich grandpa soon and see Jang Go’s mother’s jaw drop!

2 – when will JG’s mother soften
always harsh words fom her mouth

3 – I thought the the third wheeler is Mi-Poong’s co worker…still hoping…I so love this series though I am super annoyed at Janggo’s family.Common, he’s old enough to decide on matters of the heart.

4 – LOL.. Daniel your so funny. You always watching these dramas and expecting a different result. I always read your comments because they are mostly my feels…..BUT this drama I like because it is the best of the week-end bunch except now it look like it will be getting messy…. I am still hoping for a GOOD drama.

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