Blow Breeze EP 18

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  1. This story is so lovely and cool but the subtitle in some videos are not input or no subtitle, please fix it, thank you,, and i saw the episode 17? its wrong input video its another series.. please keep a good work… Drama4U THANK YOU..

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 18 Eng sub

1 – what happen to the main point of the story. Iwant to see the elder grandpa &mi poong interact together. The mother should conversate with the elder to come to a idea of who she is. Jango is putting limits on MP but needs to look at his situation. I wish they move out of that ole bitty’s house who treats them like dirt. She’s going to change that tune later on. also H’s mom is going to land on the street if she keeps her acts up.

2 – Finally subs (giggling, so happy). What right JG have to be mad at MP, if you don’t claim it then it open for anyone to walk in…. Finally we getting somewhere with the main lead, everybody else story is moving along.
Writers pls do not make SA a good person as she always referring to her mother. Come on have some guts and let her be all out bad, greedy and emotionless. Since the new actress take over she has being more mild and less calculating.

3 – They beat around the bush in this Drama like its 120 episode daily Drama. This things an hour long and our lead couple still isn’t close to getting together yet. This is some BS.

4 – Oh why do i like Mi Poong to have a good time with her Director.? I know he will help Mi Poong gain more confidence in all aspects. I love Janggo for her but for now I wanna see Mi Poong grow with someone else’s help so that she won’t be belittled by Janggo’s mother. His mother is super annoying as if they were born with a silver spoon.You cannot win someone’s heart by force.Let Janggo decide on his own. If he falls down, let him stand on his own. Experiences make someone tough.:) KIm Mi Poong and Lee Janggo, I will patiently wait for your beautiful happy ending.Fighting.

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