Blow Breeze EP 19

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 19 Eng sub

1 – That scam of a girl said that she couldn’t go to college cos her grandma got sick, but that was 10 years ago presumably when she was 18 and now shes 28. She could have tried to enter the exams again, even her fake story doesn’t add up! Jang Go is really annoying…

2 – Jang Go just like a man instead of admitting his feelings he start to act all stupid. Mi Poong already knows her boss is very sleazy. What I dislike the most is that the advances of her boss now are making her look bad in front of everyone especially at work when she is innocent. I wonder if he would wind up really falling for her, because it is starting to look more like an obsession that she is not impressed by him like other girls would.

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