Blow Breeze EP 20

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 20 Eng sub

1 – That damn mom of Jang-go is such a bitch. She’s going to feel leer than first when she finds out who Mi-poong’s family is. I can see you wanting your son to not go through hardships by being married to a person from a poor background but you can’t force love. If his dad was still alive his mom wouldn’t be able to act like that. From the begging episodes it seems like he is like his dad.

2 – Also how can she complain about anything when her bum of a second son married into a “well off” family when he’s got nothing going for I must say though when Jang-go finds out what his mom and his junior have been doing behind his back he’s going to be pissed.

3 – My heart breaks to see poor Jang go and Mi Poong torn apart by his mother. She thinks that she is doing her son a big favor but doesn’t she realize that his broken heart may disrupt his concentration and affect his profession as a lawyer? Mi Poong’s mother is no big help either so weak in character for the wrong reasons! How can she even feel sympathetic towards that conniving and despicable BITCH Shinae?? I really can’t stand her and that stupid desperate Hee Dong. Everytime when its comes to their part I will hit my fast forward button! I hope to see Jang Go and Mi Poong back together as a couple and not drag on for too long.

4 – Jang Go character’s so admirable. So heartbreaking to see him being “rejected” by Mi Poong. Hope things will turn out well for them and not drag on for too long! Mi Poong’s mom is quite annoying too. Why has she got to be so ultra understanding and sympathetic towards that conniving, deceitful and despicable BITCH Shinae? Hee Dong is another character that I hate to see in this drama. he is spineless and a clueless moron.

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