Blow Breeze EP 21

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 21 Eng sub

1 – Since I watched it raw, I can only say, the kiss at the end was worth it! I really like it when the kisses are actually believable, and they made me believe!… The looks on the Buffoon & the evil Bitches faces was totally da bomb!
I will say, Mi-Poong is just asking for it when she waffles back & forth like that…and didn’t she accept the Buffoon’s ring and wasn’t Jang Go forced into an engagement with that bitch? Yeah, I simply detest stupid leading females, and men with tiny voices!…lol… (yes, ‘tiny’ is a reference to male anatomy)!

2 – mr. bang is really getting on my nerves.such a manipulator. that hyeon is sending pics for spite,but,she hasn;t had that sensuous kiss from J yet. ha ha .

3 – Do these stupid money hungry @$$ people even SEE Jang-go’s and Mi-poong’s reactions at all? As a matter of fact, do THEY SEE each others’ reactions when they are together? 50 episodes and much of it is filler. smdh

4 – Jang go ‘s mother has several problems with Mi Poong first she is from North Korea then she is poor finally she hates her mother because in the past their social status was higher than hers…I do understand she wants her son to have a good career but there is a limit she doesn’t need to show off nor to say harsh words to Mi Poong’s family. In fact if they are all talking about engagement and sending photos to Mi Poong they know this engagement is not solid there are some issues at least Jang Go’s grandma has noticed them and wanted to call off the engagement

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