Blow Breeze EP 22

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 22 Eng sub

1 – what is it with the doors and walls in a kdrama. they might as well not have them. People 3 deep can hear the whole conversation. I have to be honest though, I like this drama because it makes me laugh. The whole thing is just funny.

2 – Crazy, funny hilarious same old scripts with different twist and turn same old song KDL
a) hit and run
b) car accident
c) stealing identity
d) arrange marriages for money status
e) fight for man who doesn’t want nor love you
f) That’s why “they” CAN’T write love story
g) bad wicked ppl always the luckiest of them all with info falling in their hands at the right moments… know it all first
h) the nice ppl the victim missed it right in front of their eyes lol

3 – For once things are moving alone nice paste but the ring The stealing the ID switch name same old script KDL “they” can’t come up with something else the bad one ALWAYS get the info first they know EVERYTHING FIRST if I could write Korean I would send them a good script free

4 – Now that’s a kiss! can someone please get the ramen cup noodle couple to consult this couple on how to kiss lol. OMG what a great episode Jang Go finally found hes balls and told the lawyer and his ambitious mom the truth! That hes madly in love with a North Korean Girl, which i dam love cause we originally came from North Korea! hahahaha say goodbye tramp! LOL @ the rich guy saying Mi Poong is hes woman, you never had her fool!!!! I also like Jang Go’s brother hes such a cool guy, guess he knows how it fells cause Hee Ra’s parents was so against him too.

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