Blow Breeze EP 23

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 23 Eng sub

1 – You go girls!!!Gab soon telling the rich guy lets date and Jae soon telling the husband lets stop this now. These dialogues had been way overdue and caused pain and suffering to the viewers.Of course,it may be different in tomorrow’s episode but at least the girls have shown some balls.

2 – Jae Soon and her husband should never have married. His children are incorrigible and won’t ever like Jae Soon. She should never put up with this kind of behavior which had affected her son negatively. The purpose of marrying him was to give her son a father but things are not working out, so best thing is for them to separate and everybody would live happily. His kids are ruling his life and they will contrive all sorts of trick to get their parents together. It’s so frustrating watching Jae Soon always alone at home. Married but no husband around. All those planning to have a good time together, preparing all the food just went down the drain. Don’t know why she puts up with it, she is stupid to be sitting there all alone patiently waiting for him to come home. He didn’t even bother to call her he won’t be home that night. Will she move out on the next episode?

3 – Gab Dol you are so annoying, would love a time jump now and see all characters 3-4 years ahead. Gab Dol and Gap Soon are going in circles. Actually preferring the rich kid now

4 – Feel bad for the rich guy. I think Gab Soon will break his heart. I think she needs to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Becoming a teacher will give her a lot of options. His mother is greedy, you would think he became a millionaire overnight. A civil servant don’t make a lot it’s just a steady job with a pension. If Gab Dol’s mother gets with the rich old guy, of course she will want the best for her son.

I don’t care what they say in dramas the mother very rarely changes and embraces the daughter in law they didn’t want.

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