Blow Breeze EP 24

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 24 Eng sub

1 – omg, it look as if i’ll have to wait the 49th episode to see the main leaders being happy and the fake granddaughter being busted. smh.

2 – i know! i think i just came back at the right time to check on how this story is going on…so many evil and greedy people…no thx! see you again at the 50th episode dear writer.

3 – Don’t tell me that’s his fault she can’t walk ( will walk later but keep it a secret) he’s going to marry her out of obligation… ‘they” can’t write a story without nonsense, ridiculousness, and torturing the good good guys, the victims

4 – That bitch needs to be subjugated ASAP or there’s going to be less viewership to this 50 long episode of negativity showcasing Shinae ssi (Mi Jung’s) wickedness and more. We look forward to a brighter and more positive vibes already 4 agonizers are way too much. Focus on good people’s ruling and evil’s defeat. Don’t drag the story and waste so much happy moments into villain’s domination. We need to see payback time and justice prevails here. Smiles everyone!

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