Blow Breeze EP 25

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  1. What the heck is going on in here why a sudden change in episode 25 it’s the worst drama that I’ve watched so far so frustrating….

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 25 Eng sub

1 – Leave don’t watch then writer will watch it tooooo frustrating …. I’m done watching most terrible drama I’ll ever watch in Korean drama

2 – MIL OR NO MOTHER IN LAWshe wouldn’t have knocked me down.OMG they are so abusive. here in the states she would have gotten told off or smacked to her senses.

3 – Yes! Jang Go’s Mom has truly gone nuts being wanting to have wealth & status! Absolutely ridiculous to keep pushing Jang Go to that sly witch! Why don’t she herself get married to that sly witch’s Dad if she’s so obsessed with their wealth & status!? I can foresee her being Mi Poong’s ‘MIL from hell’…Brace yourself, Mi Poong…Fighting! 🌟Jang Go & Mi Poong🌟💪🏻💖

4 – this drama is slowly subbed. been out since saturday ,no new subs yet other s&s dramas ready for new ones.why are all the dramas on the same note> do the writers experienced all the lying,cheating abuse of parents,in-laws gee when can their children live

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