Blow Breeze EP 26

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 26 Eng sub

1 – It’s funny when Mi Poong fell on the ground because Jang Goo was teasing her calling her yeobo! Can’t wait for the revelation of the true heiress and who the real grand daughter is… fighting! I guess we’re not going to skip up to 50th episode to watch the ending of this drama. Yay!!! Grandma did a good job to subdue Geum-Sil forcing Jang-go to marry that other witch Hae yon.

2 – Man Jang Go’s Grandma and Heera is the real MVP this episode, she said exactly what I was thinking to Jang Go’s money hungry Mom’s face and Heera busted Ha-yeon for being a fake ass bitch! Grandma is the best omg I’m cryinggggggg! So Happy for Mi-Poong she got her man! OMG Shi-ae its time to stop girl!!! Yoo-jin is cute AF!

3 – Glad to watch fire in her lap lol OMG the grandmother seems to be the voice of reason . .. Not done yet, this is KD coool this episode is fantastic LJG better protect his wife vs mother-in-law from hell
Writers, FIGHTING!

4 – At least after all the torture of watching the bitch Shinae getting away with her devious plans its such a relief that Mi Poong and Jang Go are married. Fighting MP and JG!

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