Blow Breeze EP 27

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 27 Eng sub

1 – Okay, can we just hate on that deceitful, cruel & conniving criminal who calls herself a mother?… I would change that muthah!… she not only sells her soul for money, she’ sold her child…that sweet little girl forced to grow up WAY too soon!  God, I have some very serious anger issues with woman like her.  They have children, but don’t deserve to.

I loved the ease of the ‘couple’s honeymoon’…it was fun & made me laugh with them….yeah, it was sweet.

The Bitch-in-law is going to be a huge thorn in everybody’s side before she’s done!  What a hateful, hateful woman…

the only saving grace of that family is the Grandmother!  I was glad to see her kick the other daughter-in-law’s butt about helping out! She does nothing all day long…this is going to be a battle I hope Mi-Poong wins!

Now, I really wish Grandpa would get a clue before too long…other wise, it’s going to be one crushing blow after another until the last ep…  Please, writers-nim… don’t prolong it… make it so Grandpa needs a liver transplant…then the DNA testing can begin!

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