Blow Breeze EP 29

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 29 Eng sub

1 – such an important ring and the old fart takes it off, how convenient XD

2 – I have been wondering about that also, they had more action before the marriage than after…Give me a break! Why the hell are they shipping Joo Young-Ae with a married man I don’t like that at all! And the writers better not try to have us sympathize with the Mega Bitch, thief, liar, swindler Park Shin-Ae by putting her little daughter in the mix I’m not having any of it, I am sick of the k-drama forgive and forget card after antagonist kills, maim and torture, we viewers are not idiots, it is not ok to forgive these bastards for their crimes so easily! After we have given 50+ hours of our lives over 3 months to watch their darned drama we shouldn’t feel like we just got shafted… enough already!

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