Blow Breeze EP 30

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 30 Eng sub

1 – The minute SA becomes a manager thing are going wrong for MP … red flag… How long the torture is going to last before JG puts his lawyer skill to work when the grandpa dies. The heffa is putting the old man business, hard work, in jeopardy surely she’s not family. WH is the worst, hope she will be out in the street with SA, the lying biatch, BR, and her kid selling Gimbap
Can wait to watch this awesome drama …. HD’s project with the heffa’s daughter…. A fool in love, smiling from ear to ear with innocent JYA …. the rings …. HGS to know who the real Phoenix is lol except for MP and JG WHY … “THEY” .. have them fight all the times, MP hitting JG, talking meanly … they are well paired together with chemistry and they are newlyweds “THEY” have a reason behind ‘don’t be NICE or don’t be lovey dovey’ to each other, why are “THEY” destroying BEST COUPLE scenario with that type of behavior???? Why???

2 – OMG Shin-as has gone too far this time, I want her hit by a bus with her greedy mother in law and Jang Go’s money hungry mom. I stole the items because of my sick child lol!!!!!! send this lying bastard to jail!!!!

3 – Why doesn’t Mi Pong ask elder for a job for her husband or at least talk about it so he can come up with the idea himself so we can have Jang go in the business and he can start to know that evil Bitach and her tricks

4 – hese 2 ahjumas mother-in-laws are absolutely crazy n greedy over status & wealth!😡Can’t wait for both of them together wt that SA fake granddaughter to be punished for all their misdeeds!😠Meanwhile, Fighting!💪🏻💪🏻🌟💖 Mi Poong & Jang Go! 20 episodes to go!🌟

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