Blow Breeze EP 5

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 5 Eng sub

1 – Seriously… why do they need to involve so many un-needed tangents? A solid story doesn’t need such filler stories. Why make all the women in the filler stories such lame characters? It’s going to be a long 50 episodes if I have to sit through the constant interjections of unwanted drama from mothers/sisters/aunties/ and grandmothers with agendas involving the greed and avarice needs of lame supporting roles. I am sure the content of the story can maintain itself without having to make so many woman look like ponderous vulture like she-devils.

2 – SG is just trying to help and MP putting on some princess air like “I don’t need you” I wish the writers would make her go to him for help since she doesn’t needs his help for now instead of making the man act like a DOG after her gosh….! Another thing NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE ….RUDE What kind of attitude is that!? That’s LOVE!? Fate!? She’s treating him like garbage

3 – I’m glad you said it! I can’t stand women or men for that fact putting on all these fake aire’s. Like he doesn’t know she’s homeless, or got conned and the rest. It just goes to show you she always had a big EGO problem and she’s above it all. And your statement on her making him “grovel like a dog”, I agree again, THAT’S GAME to make sure she’s always on his mind. She’s in that situation for a reason and she has goals for him. GOOD EYE And why she act like he killed her brother and father. She’s still arrogant and maybe why they are being humbled…you need humility in this world.

4 – Hope u will sub this drama faster like other dramas … I love this drama ^^ and thx u that create this page for us … Thx

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