Blow Breeze EP 7

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 7 eng sub

1 – Though the main couple is cute.. this story is ponderous… I think I hate just about every women in this drama. The story is boring… what a waste of a weekend program. I mean, not one good weekend drama. Ugh.. how did we get so low.

2 – Oh, you took the words right out of my fingers! I thought for one minute, the writers of k-dramas were getting better, more progressive since the ‘global’ explosion of k-drama on the internet, but alas, I was mistaken. I have searched, even went as far as to include Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, & an occasional Hong Kong drama, but it’s limited out there. You know, if you are over 40, like me, you have very little ‘adult’ programing…in that, the writers tend to favor teenagers & 20 somethings. Ah, me…I feel so left out! I’m addicted, so what can I do? There is one good thing about this drama…it’s makes for a great sleeping pill…I put it on, and I’m ZZZZZZZZZZ in about 5 min. flat!

3 – i did like the childhood story but now i won’t watch the whole episodes but just check weekly what’s going on and come back when it will be more interesting.

4 – So frustrating when dramanice is advertising a drama is eng subbed when it hasn’t been. Anyone else notice this has been happening a lot lately. (I do appreciate all those that give up there time to sub all the dramas on here) Thank you.

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