Blow Breeze EP 8

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Reviews movie Blow Breeze EP 8 Eng sub

1 – Ungrateful bitch look where you a living luxury home, he’s not even your grandfather nor your father- in- law He should not have giving her the money They are not related by blood

2 – this drama is better than Our Gap Soon but english sub is way too slow to translate if i’m korean and can translate this one i’ll do it faster sigh i just have to rely whoever have the skill to do it but those who are behind translating this keep on doing it ok?your doing a good job! hats off to you guys!

3 – Well, Our Gap Soon is subbed on Viki, which is why it’s much faster (there’s so many people subbing there), whereas for this drama it’s subbed by OnDemandKorea which doesn’t have nearly as many people subbing that drama, so it takes longer. They usually have the subs on 2 days after the episode airs, which isn’t even that bad honestly.

4 – This kd is better than I thought One of her is going to end up marring into that family anyway lol

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