Bounty Hunters 2016 film (Full)

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Reviews movie Bounty Hunters 2016 film (Full) Eng sub

1 – Lot of high tech device and it is Lee Min Ho oppa, but why I have the feeling of disappointment?? I’m sure it’s not because of LMH but because of the cast and their acting .. They have the tendency of overdoing it.. Are they pro?? Or maybe it is the director’s fault.. I hope there’s an improvement to the next episode.. Please do well…for LMH sake’s.. aja!!

2 – I love this movie it’s made me laugh all the way! And I shocked Lee Min Ho is in this movie because of picture look different, Glad I give it’s chance and not regret it!

3 – wow!! nice fighting scene oppa!! nice action comedy.. the girl tiffany tang, also played her role well although i got jealous of her because she kissed and touched the_______ of our oppa.. 😀 lee min ho’s face, height, long legs, adams apple, lips,, oommmooo,, all of him made all of us ladies love him.. Looking forward and waiting for his new korean drama…. 🙂

4 – Hello,
For the people who did not like my comments and chose to to chime in…… Well, It is my opinion and I will not change just because a few people decided they didn’t like what I had to say. So, continue to say what you will but, I will no longer respond to your hypocrisy. I would always hope that anyone having an opinion contrary to mine that I would continue to take it in stride.

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