Doctors Crush EP 1

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Reviews movie Doctor Crush EP 1 Eng sub

1 – Rough translation from Chinese: Living a life of gangster is more cruel than death, (talking to the man in car) Do you wanna kill me like you killed mum? Then she continues to narrate: even though living like this there were times I continue to ask myself ‘Are you going to continue to live like this?’ Then the park scene where JH puts his hand on her head and she says ‘Who is it? Let go!’ The last part she says ‘What is not taken care of in the past will come back to haunt you, whether it is revenge…..or love’ JH says ‘long time no see, Yoo Hye-jeong’

2 – And so, it begins~ a new batch of anticipated summer dramas are making their way through~ 대박!

3 – Lee Ki Woo Butts Heads With Park Shin Hye In Intense First Scene Of “Doctors”
by jun2yng..

4 – Can’t wait for this to be subbed, i love strong female leads specially when she can fight or a gangster….lol

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