Doctors Crush EP 3

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Reviews movie Doctor Crush EP 3 eng sub

1 – She learns to smile,make friends 😉 all it happened after he came to her world 😉 Hopeless person like her began to dream to be someone worth 😉 Isn’t it sweet to have a mentor like him 😉

2 – It looks like S.Korea has more traffic accidents than any other country in the world. They have one accident in every single drama.

3 – I love this drama, PSH is trying a new character that of a smart, strong and fierce woman which is unusual to her old roles, the chemistry between the actors is great, really can’t wait for ep 3 !

4 – Love is farewell even before entering the line for something..
JN,is furious to find himself looking at the rain and knees yhj,kneeling for forgiveness,saying,”neoman look angry”..
Yhj, is sobbing losing control on news of the sudden death,towards her grandmother.; (
Hjh,is unable to catch yhj,and eventually break-up…:((
Yhj,& Hjh, 13years later “reunion”

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