Doctors Crush EP 4

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Reviews movie Doctor Crush EP 4 eng sub

1 – A jealous friend is worse than a friendly hidden enemy :”( AHHHHHH 🙁 I was so lucky to have friends who with me whatever stupid things i do 😉
** And !! Why this friends in K-dramas always risking their school life for Love or jealous 😉 School time is one of most precious time in every ones life 😉 😉

2 – If she allows her own insecurities and petty jealousy to get the best of her, she’s not a real friend to begin with. Real friends are genuinely happy for you when you succeed, not be vengeful monsters bent on dragging you down or kicking you when you fall.

3 – For me, that scene when HongJi got off the helicopter & HyeJung saw her, when they first saw each other and locked eyes after 13 yrs. When he approached her & calmly asked ” Are you married?” She said “No. He then asked “Do you have a boyfriend?” She said “No”. Then he said “Then we’re all set.”
I can just imagine how that insecure, lying, conniving SeoWoo would be when she finds out that HongJi’s never stopped caring for HyeJung & they’re still attracted to each other.

I love PSH too. She’s my most fave Kceleb. Her weight loss suited her role. As she got older, she’s become more beautiful, elegant, sophisticated yet with an air of seductive mystery and a dash of badass hehe

4 – He asks if she has a boyfriend – at this moment in time 28 minutes in I can no longer contain my feels

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