Doctors Crush EP 10

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 10 Eng sub

1 – so in LOVE with this drama its even better than DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aw and when ji sung got hit last episode I nearly died and im so happy he’s ok cos i love him so much and cant wait for him to be in a drama as the lead pls pls pls pls and park shin hye is just eternally amazing and talented and im so happy she got such a good drama rather than being typecast again!!!!

2 – Another Super episode 😉 But I’M more into this scene 😉 i cant understand it all yet it so funny 😉 only thing i understand is doctor kook saying “it was cute” 😉

3 – I’m not sure but I have to say this: I have no idea what this show is about… The start off is very promising but then it gets really boring with bad character development and complicated plot. It’s like everything is all over the place and the writer doesn’t know what to solve first. Seo Woo becomes a side character and it’s painful to watch her and her childish behavior.
So sad for such a great cast. But it’s nice to hear it has good ratings…

4 – Very smooth drama..Most of the characters here were so kind and funny, except with Seo woo and her family..

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