Doctors Crush EP 11

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 11 Eng sub

1 – This episode is cute. The doubt and lacking part of the main roles start arising. I hope they can fight through it well. Now that dr. Jung has admit his rejection, we’ll wait the arrival of In Joo as HyeJung’s rival. Haha. Anyway I’m still rooting for this drama. I just don’t like waiting 🙁

2 – me too, I’m usually a very patient person & don’t mind waiting but not when it comes to waiting for dramas I like LOL I’m anticipating HyeJung’s younger half-sister coming in the picture possibly complicating things & adding to the drama. I also would like to see mob boss Lee KiWoo & JiSoo again 🙂

3 – Oh wow, she lost her respect for him when he went behind her back and (thought) he was helping her out. She was upset and mad! Who can blame her! Guess he is out of her life for now. Go Hye Jung!!!

4 – Im super early. May I ask how long does it usually take to upload the subs? Im a newbie in this community.. Thanks everyone!

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