Doctors Crush EP 12

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 12 Eng sub

1 – I was disappointed with this drama. The story is getting less interesting. it is different from the Beautiful Mind which is becoming more interesting,

2 – It’s a good thing this drama has such great actors because the story has gotten a little weak for me. I’m sure that the leads are friendly towards each irl, but I don’t feel much romantic chemistry between them in this show. Maybe it’s the age gap? I dunno, but I hope the story picks up soon.

3 – i have to say this kiss has to give lots of credit to Kim Rae Won. He takes a bold lead like a true veteran!

4 – Okay they finally became a romatic couple. I was waiting for this moment cuz i was tired of all the surgeries and operations.
And I feel bad for Dr Jin Seo Woo she has become like this because of her father and her grandfather. not because of Hye Jung.

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