Doctors Crush EP 13

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 13 Eng sub

1 – I guess this episode was good enough to see the attraction, growth, mature & more importantly the chemistry between the leads…
This is kim rae won!! *scream* for those who wonders why he’s the lead… 😉 ^^

2 – I just have to point this one out, few mentions how boring this drama is and what not, but for me it’s just so relatable, that’s just how normal couple works, they want something more from their partner, and then realize that sometime its something out of selfishness. The scene where hyejung felt that jihong change, the “what do you mean?” moment, it’s just so real and not too dramatize. And can I point out how great he look in the last scenes? soo charming!

3 – I’m glad to see Nam Goong Min here, really didn’t like his role in Beautiful Gong Shim, this redeemed him for me i guess. Another episode filled with romance and very little medical politics, practically non existent, beginning to feel i defended this drama for nothing, i said be patient but it’s episode 13, they can only rush the important things at the end, give everyone a happy ending and ruin the drama now

4 – OMG.. Finally Seo Woo and her friend.. they look good together ^^
So many cute scenes between dr. Hong and Hye Jung somehow i want to see them fighting again LOL

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