Doctors Crush EP 14

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 14 Eng sub

1 – in episode 14 the tension between Hye Jung and Ji Hong was high. She was quite direct and maybe unfair to him when she asked him to change for her. I’m glad she realised she was wrong. Really intense episode… from that patient sad story to the otp scenes (that kiss tho… So exciting!!) I wonder what’s gonna happen next. this story is really interesting and well made. And Hye Jung and Ji Hong’s growth through the story is really nice to see and perhaps the main focus of the drama. I’m glad this drama is doing well with ratings as well.

2 – Nam Goong Min, in two brief episodes, displays how good he is at playing a devoted father burdened by the obligation to pay mounting hospital bills of his two sons and his desire to be ever present caring for them. He brings the viewer to his plight and makes them feel how desperate his situation is and that of his two boys. He spikes this romcom with his brand of melodrama. Excellent portrayal!

3 – After every episode I like Kim Rae won even more … He is such good actor and his smile can kill all the gals … Park shin hye rocks as always 🙂 can’t wait for the next episode …

4 – Riveting episodes. Still breathing deeply trying to sooth my heart. Excellent portrayal of an exhausted hard working single parent desperately trying to provide for his children.

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