Doctors Crush EP 16

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 16 Eng sub

1 – For a drama that is coming to an end, it really had a do nothing episode. It made small references to the main plot … well actually I have no clue what the main plot is, to be honest.. weird how they resolved the widowed father so quickly and moved on. I was hoping for a little more of a resolution than what they gave. Anyhow… hopefully it all ends well.

2 – Been busy with my schedules, and now i’m shock af that doctors will really come to an end. So many interesting dramas that i had to skip bcause of my daily routines such as beautiful mind, w – two worlds, lets fight ghost, and so on.. i wish i can go back to two weeks ago, when i always can watch all k dramas without subtitles, and then watch it again when it subbed. This damn body fat, makes me should go to the gym and give up watching all my fave kdramas :”(

3 – The drama advertised at the end looks like it will be a good one. I can’t read the title…can someone please tell me what it is so I can look for it when it comes out? please 🙂

4 – though i’m still rooting for him and seo woo.. seo woo said it few episodes back, they do look together. wishful thinking with 4 more episodes

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