Doctors Crush EP 17

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 17 Eng sub

1 – Agree.i also somehow feel that she is now telling her opinion towards Young Gook & Yoon Do.

I also feel that her dad mistake on Hye Jung grandma surgery will be revealed by Hye Jung,thus this might make Seo Woo,Granddad that their evil greed is wrong.

Tbh,seo woo department didn’t bring any income as i don’t see her department doing any surgery well except Yoon Do.

Also i don’t know why In Joo & Yoon Do is staying at his place. it invasion of privacy.i would allowed them to stay for few days but they seem to treat his nephew home like his place.

i know doctors job are usually very unpredictable,sometimes needing to come back in the early hours,if not Yoon Do uncle should buy a housr near the hospital.

I wish MinSeok get treated,i wish Ji Hong will give him a time off as Kang Joon keep ordering him around.

2 – People saying that they have lost interest in this drama …..okay we get it & stop watching it and let those who are enjoying it watch it. Personally this drama wasn’t even written to be the typical Korean drama so if you think this drama was about 90% romance & love dovey things then you are at the wrong place. This is meant to be a human drama things that’s based on reality and things that doctors, nurses and people faces. That’s why their rating in above 20% becoz Korean people can relate to this. I am honestly enjoying the show and I look forward to every episode of it.

3 – I totally agree with you. I guess people think KDramas are all about romance. To be honest I’m here for the medical scenes and not the romance so that’s why I’m not complaining. It’s not that they don’t have the right to hate and express their opinions. Besides that’s what the comment section is for. I just hate those viewers who are hating on the viewers who are enjoying this drama!

4 – No way, Jose! I will make sure to tell you how boring it is even if it’s going to be the last episode. You are welcome.
FYI, it doesn’t show reality. It’s just a drama, and a boring one. In reality, no hospital in Korea is like this.

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