Doctors Crush EP 18

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 18 Eng sub

1 – Good point, complaining abt the same stuff repeatedly episode upon episode is just attention-seeking, nothing intellectually stimulating added to the discussions. Anyway, the amusing thing is if the drama’s not meeting their expectations or is not suited to their taste, why do they keep watching it so there must be something in this drama they do like LOL Those of us who enjoy this drama do try ignoring the attention-seekers who keep bashing it but once in a while it’s good to have someone who’s got balls to stand up to them 🙂

2 – The obsession of Park Shinye to avenge for the death of her grandma in the operating table is both illogical and turned off. Can the scriptwriter do something about it. She is a highly educated person and supposed to understand the statue of limitations. And she is not a perfect surgeon , She is liable also to commit mistakes.. That was so inconsistent and illogical befitting for the lead character as surgeon and as educated person.

3 – Come on…this is what the script dictates for PSH to portray’s HJ struggle… It’s HJ character to transform in the end. If you are in HJ feelings, you also be disappointed & angry at first after all her efforts. It’s not PSH! It is what she supposed to portray!!!!!

4 – I think that Hye Jung would have laid down her anger if she would have only received a heart felt apology. It would have cost nothing for Jin Myung-Hoon to have said, “I made an error and I am deeply sorry for my part in your loss.” The matter would have been over, but Myung-Hoon ego fanned the flames of Hye Jung anger.

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