Doctors Crush EP 19

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 19 Eng sub

1 – Actually, there is a lot of corruption in Korean hospitals. A lot of doctors focus on their earnings (money) and don’t care a lot about their patience. The reason why people cam relate with this drama in Korea is because it brings out the types of corruptions in hospItaly over in Korea. I know, second hand, about this corruption. It is a problem which the country is facing. But you’re right about being scared, corruption doesn’t happen in all hospitals. Just to clear any misunderstanding, I emphasize the words A LOT because I do not mean all. In reality, when people who have a lot of power such as the chairman, head, etc, they are able to get away with performing surgery on their children. (Only in private owned hospitals). Please understand that that_girl is just highlighting the corruptions this drama is showing. She’s taking in the facts that corruption is there and there is nothing wrong with that. I like to take the messages this drama brings within ever episode.

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