Doctors Crush EP 20

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 20 Eng sub

1 – YEP! Me too. I think we are being spoiled (in a good way) with drama’s that move more quickly and have a more interesting storyline. “W” has really outdone me…I can’t predict what will happen next which is unusual. As an old drama watcher I think this one fell short when she stopped using her fighting skills and there was no relationship challenges to overcome. The story about revenge for grandma is a little weak….meaning Im not holding my breath waiting each week.

2 – Any one got doctors 20 episode with English subtitles.. In this it is not cmg.. Can anyone tell wr u saw.. I m dying to watch it, wat hpn at the end.. Can anyone tell me wr to watch it

3 – Plod, plod, plod without much plot. I must love PSH & KRW very much to sit through 20 hours of this drama.

Thanks to drama4U and the hard-working subbers. Mwahs! Now, unto the next drama.

4 – Wow.. that just seems like the longest drama ever. I give it a 5 of 10. Beautiful Mind was better, but maybe it’s only because it only ran for 14 eps. On to something better!

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