Doctors Crush EP 5

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 5 Eng sub

1 – How cute is our Pvt. Kim Gi-Bum from Descendants of the Sun… so adorable here too! Played by newcomer Kim Min-Suk, I will be watching him!
It was fun watching it raw!… like an addict, I couldn’t wait the 8 hours for the subs!

2 – This drama is getting better and better! I ship Hyejung and Jihong ♥♥♥ this episode was so good! I want to see Jisoo again

3 – Its been a while I saw Jang Hyeonseong seonbae-nim played as a good character, he is so wish, really fixed as a VP. The last scene, forget sweet and cute approaching this drama open new courting, chocking, smashing, rolling argh~~~~ damn it is so sweet ~nosebleed~
Love Jihong “not beat around the bush” attitude but still consider another person feeling like when he brushed Seowoo confession (well people said its cold and childish but I love it).

Heok I know why Seowoo like Yoondo after dump by Jihong because they are in same page. Cocky, never admitted they do wrong, belittle person by they outward appearance!!
This like a drama I used to watch when the couple was Master – Apprentice, but this so refreshing. Imagine when they date maybe they will rebute back and forth about patient!!!!
Assa~~ Kangsoo will be paired with Soonhee later!!!!

4 – 

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