Doctors Crush EP 6

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 6 eng sub

1 – Wow! This drama! I am feeling the equivalent of catching the Holy Spirit when watching this drama… Everything from the actors, actresses, to the story line to the cinematography… Damn! Everything just ignites my soul, mind and body! So attentive that I am NOT ashamed to admit that I have watched it like 4 times… First two times raw and the other two times subbed… With the second time for each re-watching Yoo Hye Jung and Hong Ji Hong’s interactions [as little as there were in this episode]…

2 – haha thought so too! do you remember him from “i can hear your voice”? he played the big (bad) bro! so really an unexpecting, but quite nice change of attitude..

but now imagine, how many second lead syndromes are we going to have? i mean Jung Yoon Do is super cute and hot, but so is Ji Soo, and the gangster and all the others..

phu, and there isn’t even a single! man in my area! aah, my life is live so boring

3 – I wonder if Another Love Triangle is on the way ;))

4 – Every time I hear Seo Woo talk about her ‘trauma’ i want to reach in the computer and knock some sense into her

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