Doctors Crush EP 8

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 8 Eng sub

1 – go ahead give it to her then she’d really have some ‘trauma’ to whine about LOL Her endless ‘I’m a victim feel sorry for me’ drama’s getting tiring. She needs a high kick & an upper cut from HyeJung.

2 – We are one step closer to watching a ship sail. They are becoming my favorite characters and i hope their relationship becomes interesting and their cheerfulness doesn’t fade away.

3 – I was doubtful at first whether Hye Jung and Ji Hong would be a believable couple. But I have to believe it for me to enjoy this drama (and I DO want to enjoy this drama), so I psyched myself up from their first meeting at the CD shop, then as student and teacher (of course, without the romantic relationship yet but for that eventuality). It worked; I’m having the feels right now. But I still have room for more feels from them. Plus, I have loved Kim Rae Won since I saw him in My Love Patzzi, then Attic Cat and My Little Bride so I am rooting for him in this drama. <3<3<3

4 – In the beginning it was as if there relationship would be a student -teacher but I think the second episode reveals that he was a medicine student I was relieved cos it would be a doc doc relationship .I really really like it

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