Doctors Crush EP 9

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Reviews movie Doctors Crush EP 9 Eng sub

1 – I know we all love ji soo very much 😉 But didn’t this man stole that spot today 😉 He is so sweet,so Cute & so Lovely ;))

2 – Halfway mark. Ji Hong and Hye Jung are having the time of their life in a post party date. Seo Woo is on jealousy mode. Dr. Jung finally realizes that Ji Hong and Hye Jung have an understanding going on and he needs to amp up his plight if he means to compete for the affection of Hye Jung. I think the next scenes will be conflict scenes. Both fathers of Seo Woo and Yoon Do are on the pro-profit side of the directors. The Chairman Hong, Ji Hong and the head of Neurosurgery are on the opposite side. I think the personal conflicts of the heart will combine the hospital political dispute that will prove disturbing and intriguing in the next few episodes. Good pacing. Best of all Ji Soo is recuperating!

3 – t’s like JiHong is her shelter .. The place where she feels safe and at ease .. Where she can guard down!

4 – At first I thought it was random that they were showing Ji Hong’s past but now I kind of appreciate it because it helps me understand his attraction to Hye Jung . At first his feelings for her seemed somewhat shallow but after this episode I think it’s clear that he must see a lot of himself in her. He’s felt lost as she as, he’s been bullied and ostracized like she has, and he had to make his own way in the world. I think I needed to see that depth of his character to understand his motivations better.

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