Entourage Korea

Title: 안투라지 / Entourage
Chinese Title: 明星伙伴
Also Known as: Entourage Korea
Genre: Comedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN


This drama is a 100% pre-produced drama which was filming from 2016-June-01 to 2016-September.

This is a remake of the U.S. drama series “Entourage” that aired on HBO from 2004-2011. tvN bought the publication rights in 2015.

Reviews movie Entourage Korea Eng sub

1 - I'm currently watching : the man living in my house, something about 1 percent, shopping king Louis, the k2..and a taiwanese drama prince of wolf. Right now my most favorite is something about 1 percent, it's a very cute drama. I'm still heartbroken bcz the drama Moonlight drawn by the clouds is over

 2 - Mon and Tue, I watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Woman with a suitcase (but the subs take time for this) and Sweet stranger and me aka The Man living in my House. Weds and Thurs, I watch Jealousy Incarnate and Shopping King Louie. Fri Sat and Sun, I watch other old dramas and variety shows.

3 - First two episodes are lit. It's a bit risky for a korean drama per se, still I find it appealing to my taste. Characters are well-made. It's very realistic (for me) and funny at the same time.

4 - People say that this drama is a disappointment )): Is it true ? I havent watched yet but I just wanna hear the reviews. In your opinion is this a good drama? Is it worth watching?



Main Cast:

Seo Kang Joon as Cha Young Bin
Jo Jin Woong as Kim Eun Gab
Park Jung Min as Lee Ho Jin
Lee Kwang Soo as Cha Joon
Lee Dong Hwi as Geobook (turtle)

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