Far Away Love

Title: 远得要命的爱情 / Yuǎn dé yàomìng de àiqíng

English title: Far Away Love

Genre: Modern,, Love

Director: Niu Le

Episodes: 36

Reviews movie Far Away Love Eng sub

1 - OMG!!! YAAASSS!!! I have literally been looking for this Park Hae Jin drama everywhere for the past three years since it went into production! Only to find out that it aired on Tv these past few months - in March!!! And I have looked everywhere for it too since then!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For finally getting the chance to upload it!!

2 - Hopefully this will get subbed looks kinda interesting

3 - Wooah you are such a darling yang guo...thanks to you I came across this drama right to the point..thnks you soooo much

Btw if they delay in subbing...just too bad I'll have to learn chinese , worse if my patience leaves my side I'll satisfy myself just by looking at the scenes..who cares expressions and emotions speak tooo lol

4 - Well I honestly have no control as to how my comment comes across to you but you are very much welcome... And it is good that you are enjoying it - don't want anyone to miss a drama that they may enjoy.



Main Cast:

Park Haejin

Li Feier

Wu Lei

Song Yi

Zhang Lunshuo

Zheng Pengpeng

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