Goblin EP 1

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 1 Eng sub

1 – Okay very much unrelated to the drama… But I feel like I have to say it or express it before I explode! THEY WON A DAESANG [Artist of the Year] AWARD AT MAMA!!! THEY ACTUALLY DID IT! ACCOMPLISHED ONE OF THEIR GOALS! YASSSSS!!!!!

Teamwork makes the dream work, indeed!

/Okay I am good now… Hehe/

2 – True true when i watch kpop idols on variety shows especially on running man i cant help but fall for them. I was already in love with cnblue but after seeing them on running man💖💘 and 2pm they were awesome 💘💘

3 – Ah Zico! And Crush (who came to Paris last week-end) and Dean! Three wonders together!

4 – YASS. i’ve been wearing out that repeat button. Love zico and crush too. Together they are a holy trinity. ▲

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