Goblin EP 10

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  1. Daebak! The scene between the grim reaper and the goblin holding hands totally cracked me up! I love the chemistry between them. Much, much more tangible than the OTP. Still, i think GY is convincingly romantic in his portrayal and he exudes such sweetness. Can’t wait for the next episodes! Don’t we get a sneak preview??? Thanks for subbing… Happy new year!!!

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1 – When the GR and Sunny were doing their whole I just realised who you were scene, i just KNEW it was 5 minutes to the end!, i know the writer’s style now lol!

wow, anybody feel weird when Deok Hwa was taking their pictures, it felt like that moment was giving hints that some people in that picture won’t be around ever again, they were all smiling and in the middle of thinking “how cute” i couldn’t help but be weirded out that the scene might be suggesting something.

I thought the Secretary might have been that Snake Adviser, but then that doesn’t fit into the “evil people get to remember their sins forever in eternal damnation kinda thing? or do some bad people get reincarnated too? but it doesn’t seem like he’s evil Kim Sin also helped him with his life too

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