Goblin EP 11

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 11 Eng sub

1 – woah you found it >.< maybe thats why they name him as Kim Shin and his sister Kim Sun (Yi SUN & SHIN) the writer sure know alot of story lol

2 – yea, i was so curious if kim shin’s backround story was real. i was looking up some his story and found this. but they said, admiral yi sun shin was in joseon era not goryeo, maybe the writer changed it a bit to make it not really obvious, who knows lol
reading admiral yi sunshin’s achievement also amazed me. i’m wondering he’s a deity bcs he’s so powerful! how can he beat 300 japanese warship when he only have 13 warship.. this makes me understand why kim shin was worshiped by the people back then. they must be think kim shin/admiral yi sun shin has some super power haha

3 – Me too, I mean I’ve been “live in korean drama world” and they often adapt from some “true story” especially something like “historical genre”, this drama too make me curious and BAM you got it >.< thanks btw 😄

Admiral Yi Sun Shin should has a drama it self I think, his story is just too amazing.

4 – Feels like a never ending wait..

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