Goblin EP 12

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 12 Eng sub

1 – I just don’t know did this King has some type of a disorder. Why leave your country open to invasion just because of pride. Yet I shouldn’t be surprised same type of mess is doing on today. People going with their feelings and pride that cost their country to be bombed, their people to be killed all to stay in power. Hate that being human is seen a weakness.

2 – What a b*st*rd that king was!! But ALL kings, emperors and leaders were so duplicitous and evil at that time (and, it could be argued, now). But as a history buff myself it’s REALLY brilliant that the writers have adapted a true historical story into such a wonderful drama

3 – OKAY GIRLS DONT LIE PLEASE!!!!!! but who hasn’t had that thought that think she is going to summon him some day when he’s in the shower; -) ……..

4 – 

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