Goblin EP 3

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 3 eng sub

1 – ..tell me what i’m doing wrong…I’ve tried blowing candles a hundred times,matches,gazzillion times,i thought about him and called out his name till my throat hurts… and there’s still no Goblin!!! Wahhhhh!

2 – you are not Goblin’s wife so he will not come, he came just to his wife. So Lee Min Ho’s wife is @None, who offers to be his wife in here????
.. he is waiting for her already!!!

3 – of course poor eonni!!…u tell what is sadder in a story sad ending or never beginning…???
yeah I used to hate heartbreaks a lot but what about earlier stages supposedly to happen before that….?
aah!!…well no one but me is responsible for that!!….I have spent all my prayers for career and nothing is left ‘oppawise’….:( 🙁
happy holiday to you too….:)

4 – 

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