Goblin EP 4

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Review Goblin EP 4 Eng sub – Korean Drama

1 – I think the horse blood wasn’t important at all, it’s just something normal people would be scared of, to have this kind of thing waiting for you when you get out of the shower, any person would scream. Hence, it’s meant to be ridiculous, that the goblin would fear this kind of scary, but harmless, thing. He is way scarier.
And as well the grim reaper. I laughed tears when the doorbell rang and they both got scared… a goblin and grim reaper scared of a doorbell…. xD see what I mean? I think it’s just to portray the absurdness of them being scared of some voodoo shit when they’re both much much scarier. xD

2 – I ask myself about that too.. And there’s something bothering me about is the tomb of goblins ancestors.. Why it is located in Canada?? Coz I think their in Canada that time.. And the first part of ep 3 when Eun Tak kidnap.. I ask myself..in your childhood until you get older and you know nothing about your dad.. In that kind of situation do you call dad for help? I don’t think so..

3 – The legend started in Goguryoe. But than they leave Goguryoe and surrendered in canada when the ship wrecked. and that dad thingy really a blunder isn’t it :)) omma suppose top on the list 😀

4 – tbh it doesn’t really matter if you think about it in simpler way.. sometimes if im scared i also called out my grandma when i don’t even know both of them.. or maybe there is some plot twist but who knows

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