Goblin EP 5

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1 -To be honest – the struggle is NOT that one week we have to wait for the next episode to come, as there are various other dramas to occupy us til then… No… Smh… The most infuriating, pain-stricken, irritating, nerve-wrecking, ulcer causing struggle is that ONE DAY…no….that FEW HOURS, between the previous and next episode… Especially when they have given us such an awesome, anxiety causing preview…
That few hours were there is nothing you can do, as you are still reeling from that day’s episode, and with your mind in shambles, body shaking and heart quaking waiting for that new episode to KNOW, SEE, and heck even FEEL what the heck is going to happen next… Smh… It is that few hours in between that is the most painstaking struggle ever!

2 – Well said chingoo and i totally agree with you there. My brain ceases to function and i am like a zombie for those few hours.
Good to see you feels like ages. You and franz joseph brought me out of my little lurker’s cocoon i was hiding. Now i am a crazy die hard fangirl who doesn’t do calm.
So i will call you SUNBAE from now onwards . Indeed you are my senior and i am your hoebae

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