Goblin EP 6

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 6 Eng sub

1 – may i ask why dong wook’s lips is captivating..LOL.. its so pinkishy red..whatever you call it..:P it seems it’s not its real color…!!
really i find these two so entertaining to watch.. the bromance is sweet..!

2 – Awesome!!!! So excited!!!! I presses the view button….. After few seconds…. As if seeing some exam’s result!! Lol…. Never felt like that for results

3 – Who else is getting this weird, knowing feeling that Grandma/Lady in Red – is actually not just some small time deity but is actually the “supposedly Almighty”…?! Come on, let’s be honest here – for a person/higher power being whom no one has seen and seems to have powers beyond compare and understanding… Who is to say that he cannot take any shape, size, or appearance…? I have a really nagging feeling at the back of my head that – Grandma/Lady in Red is not just a run of the mill deity that is appearing for nothing… She has a purpose and what better purpose that ties all of the characters together, moved them into specific places = than the Almighty, that is also all-knowing…? Hmm…. /Let’s think on that for a while…./

4 – Of course…. I felt like that from epi 1 only….
It was her who told her to pray sincerely… So that if any kind God hears, her prayers might be answered. And indeed it was goblin who heard and saved hers and eun tak life.
Again after 10 yrs… It was her whom doek ha (spelling wrong) asked for drinks, called uncle – goblin and then going out on way…. He sees Eun Tak for first time and can’t take eyes off her…
It’s her…. I think the link between all 4 of them…

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