Goblin EP 7

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  1. Awww that was sooo good. I felt like my heart is breaking in the last part. But they were all balanced by the funny parts. Hehehe ……. it was so funny how the goblin was scared of zombie movies and how hilarious it was when all the reapers left LDW to pay the bill and he ended up in the police station. This drama is so good. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. The writer is amazing and i salute the cast. Every single one of them did a really good job in this drama. Others may not agree with me but for me, this is the best kdrama ever! Merry christmas!!!

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Reviews movie Goblin EP 7 Eng sub

1 – you got me looking at the gif a few times searching for kim woo bin, the real one then ooohhh that’s right..the name he gave her was…hehehe! you got me!!……anyways….hoping epi.7 will be a good one…

2 – alohaaaa….so the campers were here waiting….I thought Lemme just go and have a look…and here you are all..
.I just finished the 6th ep…and after such a preview…sometimes is better not to know cuz when you know then harder you have it to wait…fortunately I just have 5 days now..
.was worth going to watch(and finish)My unfortunate boyfriend till the two eps were subbed….
this drama really is taking it far with us…I mean the writers…no no no what I mean the directors or ceos or what the hell they’re called and that decide which dramas to air…we need another drama as good as this one by the week to get distracted at least…without fail we tend to compare them all to this and I’m sorry to say it but..there’s not even a ground for confrontation….this drama is killing all the others…and the victims in the midlle are ALL OF US dramawatchers that can just wait till the almighty(directors)decide to let it air…
ahhhh they say curiosity killed the cat but I would really like to be a cat now and have watched the shooting of the next eps of this drama awwwwwww @[email protected]@[email protected]@curious@

3 – i’m hoping hwarang will be as good but i won’t get to watch it tomorrow…i’ll be driving up the east coast to visit my parents for the holidays. 10 hours in a car…ugh it’s going to be miserable. Watch it if you have time and let me know how it is!!

4 – Hwarang is good. I don’t even need to tell you about the handsome faces and long hairs..*wipes off drool*….okay so moving on…Seojoon and Hyung shik(who is a King!!) are going to form a love triangle with go ara(who is also looking pretty….specially love the eye color..I wonder if that’s contact lens or real!!)….Kwang Soo is seperated from his father(secretary in KMHM and heirs) and sister(Go ara). BGM is good. All this I’m telling you after only watching Raw(only understood this much :D). Proper review after the subs :))

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