Hwarang: The Beginning EP 1

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Reviews movie Hwarang: The Beginning EP 1 Eng sub

1 – it was an obscure reality show about guy models/model-actors living in one house. i dont remember name since it was so long ago. besides him and the face of another guy (who i saw in a drama but forget the name of) who had a gf and he was normal, just lovey dovey with her. not sure how long they aired the reality show for but i saw a few episodes on youtube.

tbh his personality was so off putting i just never wanted to see him in anything lol. so seeing him in this is like yuck. i remember one scene when all the guys in the house hanging out in patio area and he really wanted to have a party to show it off and stuff so he invited some girl models over for a bbq. he was saying behind their backs that the girls would be easy to get and stuff. so egotistical. i wish i remembered the link and could post it as proof but yeah, not a fan of his.

2 – I cannot believe it’s been over 6 years since he debuted with ZE:A! These guys never had the best songs but they are always very funny in variety shows, and they usually do really well in their solo activities. From all the members I think Siwan is the best actor. Hyung-Sik has the looks and background so I am not surprised he is getting more (lead) roles. (His other member Dong-jun seems to be doing well in acting now too!)
If you get a chance please watch the drama short ‘Sirius’. (Unless you have already seen it!) I think he has allot of potential to become a better actor:-)

3 – Finally hereeee!!
Now I’ll just wait for subs (that’s if I can stay patient lol)
I missed Go Ara! And Seo Joon too!
Since I like all the other actors and actresses it is most likely that I will love this drama xD

4 – 

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